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Scrapbook Ideas – Tips & Tricks To Save You Money

When you are considering scrapbook tools, scrapbook layouts, scrapbook supplies and scrapbook ideas any keen craft enthusiast will welcome any tips, tricks and general suggestions to help them create beautiful scrapbook page layouts especially if they save you money.

With this in mind I have put together some of my favourite tips that I have picked up whilst realizing my own scrapbook ideas.

– Everyone knows that scrapbook supplies can be expensive, quite often the items we purchase are not even used. More often that not, you will be able to find household items that do the same job and do not cost the earth. For example, instead of spending money on specialist sponges to apply ink to paper, try using a crumpled piece of kitchen roll.

– Do not throw away the sheet that your peel off stickers are attached to. Instead use the left over sticky boarder as an adhesive to attach embellishments to your scrapbook pages.

– Use empty jars to store your brads, ribbon, embellishments and other scrapbook supplies, not only are they free, you will be able to see the contents through the glass.

– Instead of using your best card stock when cutting shapes with your die cut machines use card that you would normally throw away such as empty cardboard boxes or cereal packets.

– Use baby wipes to clean stamps instead of paying for expensive cleaners.

– Remove any 3-D embellishments from old Christmas and birthday cards and use them in your scrapbook page layouts. You can also cut out scrapbook quotes from newspapers, magazines or old cards.

– Do not buy large quantities of scrapbook ribbon, fibres and fabrics, from craft stores as you will not want to use the same colors time and time again.

– Use a plastic letter opener instead of an expensive bone tool to score your card stock. You can pick them up at a fraction on the cost!

– Use the bits of left over punch remnants that build up in your punches for free embellishments on your scrapbook pages.

– Instead of cutting a new piece of paper to cover a small tag, use your scraps.

– Remove any buttons, ribbon or even a section of material from unwanted clothes before throwing them away as you never know when they can be used to add that something extra to your scrapbook page layouts.

– Always ask if there are any deals such as buy one get one free when visiting craft stores.

– Use a Philips head screwdriver and normal hammer to set your eyelets.

– Make your own glitter glue by adding normal glitter to clear drying acid free glue.

It is very easy to be tempted when browsing craft stores, the important thing to keep in mind is, do you really need it and is there a cheaper alternative.

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