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    Derek Z.

    I was wondering if Science Diet is still the best all around food for cats. I recently inherited a cat from my daughter for an indefinite period of time, and it’s been a while since I’ve had to buy cat food. Back when I used to have a cat of my own, the vet would tell us that Science Diet was the healthiest for him, but I’m wondering if that ‘s still true. Any other recommendations?

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    There are a lot more options now compared to when you probably had your cat. I feed my cats CORE, and they like it a lot. It’s low in carbs, so it helps prevent overweight and diabetic issues. Also Gluten-free.

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    fraction formula

    I buy Halo, it’s got natural ingredients, and that’s what our vet recommends. But you’ll probably get as many recommendations as there are vets out there.

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