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Choosing the Right Yellow Headed Amazon Parrot

Originally from the coastal regions of Mexico, the Yellow Headed Amazon Parrot has become increasingly popular amongst parrot owners. Because of their attractive markings, rarity, and high intelligence levels, more and more pet owners are making the Yellow Headed Amazon Parrot their parrot of choice. As the Yellow Headed Amazon Parrot increases in popularity, so it increases in rarity. Found mainly in the coastal regions of Central and South America, mainly in countries such as Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, and Belize, the yellow headed parrot is now considered rare and on the endangered list because of poaching and illegal trade. Also, the yellow parrot’s endangerment is due to deforestation, resulting in the loss of their nesting habitat.

Inquisitive, vocal, and lively, the Yellow Headed Amazon Parrot is intriguing in many ways. Their eye-catching feathers draw attention immediately. Bright green in color with bright yellow head feathers, the Yellow Headed Amazon Parrot demands attention immediately. They grow to be about 14-17 inches in length, and they are considered to be a medium to large sized parrot. Their lively and vocal nature, make the Yellow Headed Amazon Parrot one of the easiest parrot species to teach to speak. Some will speak easily, some will not. However, for the most part, the Yellow Headed Amazon Parrot species can be trained to mimic and speak within a short period of time. Patient and routine vocal training will also help owners to remedy the screeching and screaming for which the Yellow Headed Amazon Parrots are known.

Because of their large size, the Yellow Headed Amazon Parrot requires a larger cage than most. Needing to stretch their wings and feel at home in their cage is important for their well being. A cage with a playpen or a roof is also a good choice for the Yellow Headed Amazon Parrot. They enjoy a variety of toys, perches, and swings. The Yellow Headed Amazon Parrot also enjoys chewing and gnawing. So, providing them with chunks of wood and other chew toys is important for their well being.

Yellow Headed Amazon Parrots differ slightly from other parrot species in diet needs, as well. While protein pellets are an excellent nutritional base for most parrots, the Yellow Headed Amazon Parrot requires a diet high in beta-carotene rich foods, as well. Root vegetables, such as, carrots, beets, rutabagas, and sweet potatoes should be integrated into their protein pellet diet as much as possible. It will assist in meeting their nutritional needs in addition to their curiosity needs.

When considering having one of these beautiful birds as a pet, owners should consider the longevity of their commitment. Yellow headed Amazon parrots can live to be sixty to eighty years old. Although no pet is perfect, these parrots are sure to give their owners hours of entertainment and pleasure.

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