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The Bowie Knife: A Collector’s Item

The classic Bowie knife was not just one design, but rather a sequence of knives reinvented quite a few times by Jim Bowie. The earliest such model type was made by a man named Jesse Cliff. Jim Bowie’s idea directly bared a resemblance to the Spanish hunting knives of those days and varied a little from an ordinary butcher knife. The blade is later on described as:

* 9 1/2″ in length, 1/4″ inch thick and 1 1/2″ inches wide
* It was straight-backed having no clip point
* Simple riveted wood scale handle

The type most frequently recognized as the chronological Bowie knife would typically have no less than six inches of blade length. Although some would reach 12 inches or more; and have a width that would reach to about four to five centimeters. The backside of the blade sometimes had a narrow piece of malleable metal (normally copper or brass) inlaid premeditated to grasp an enemy’s blade, and also frequently had a superior guard which bowed to the fore at an angle (S-guard), that is also directed to capture an enemy’s blade. The version attributed to James Black (a blacksmith) had the back border of the bent clip point, also called the “false edge” sharpened and filed in order to permit someone educated in European skills of saber fencing to carry out the tactic identified the “back slash” or “back cut.” Typically cast in a mold, the brass quillon is fastened to safeguard the hand.

The Different Bowie Knives:

A. “Hunter Bowie Knife”
The hunter Bowie knife was created in New Jersey by a cutler named Alfred Hunter. The knives that he made have been legendary and are rarely seen in the market these days. A Spanish notch is visible in the blade which is also found in many historical knives. Its blade is made of high carbon steel with nickel and wood as the handle. The overall length is fourteen inches and it weighs up to 12oz.

B. “New Orleans Bowie”
Pradel, the knife maker of New Orleans, crafted the knife through replicating the existing original. The grip is made of a checkered buffalo horn and the clear lines give the knife an outstanding appearance. Like the Hunter Bowie Knife, this is made of high carbon steel and it also has the length of up to 14 inches. However, it weighs lighter than the previous classification.

C. “Chevalier Bowie”
The Chevalier Knife has been crafted in a little shop in Broadway. It was named after the man who created it, John Chevalier. Nowadays, this type of knife is well-known among collectors and users too. They are much sought after especially by those who purchase knives for collection purposes. The nickel silver tip and throat give it an intimidating appearance. The extravagance is perfected by its authentic leather sheath. Like the others, it is made mostly of carbon steel and its handle is crafted with the use of a genuine stag. It weighs almost the same as the other Bowie knives too.

D. “Vicksburg Bowie”
The Vicksburg Bowie came out in the year 1836 and was manufactured by the W. & S. Butcher Company. Its grip or handle resembles that of a dog bone. The American market was awed by its appearance and since them it became a big hit in the industry. Its handle also has nickel silver plus it has an inlaid shield. It is a little bit shorter and weighs lighter than the other Bowie types.

E. “Horse and Gator Bowie”
In the middle of the year 1850, the Woodhead and Hartley Corporation produced yet another enticing knife designs. Its distinctive logo which is embossed in the handle looks like a half alligator and a half horse. It became a major buy in the market because of its intricate carvings and its plush look.

There are several other types of Bowie knives. In fact, mentioning all of them would probably take hours. However, the above classifications are the oldest and are among the most famous of the Bowie knife collection. Up to now, knife collectors find it difficult to search for the all original ones. You can only be lucky if you’ll still be able to purchase one.

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Your Essential Work Tool…The Laptop!

When searching for the right technology for your new business venture, it is mind boggling with the vast array of computers, notebooks and such. In your search to find out how a Dell laptop can help your business, you need to go on the Internet and find the model that is right for you. The laptop would be just right for your business needs. The set-up can be done via phone or most companies will come to you for personal set-up. One item that will be of utmost importance to you is the 24/7 support that is available with your purchase of the laptop. This is critical for the business owner.

The portability of a laptop can be an effective tool for you in that it provides the convenience of having your business information right with you at all times. In the publication, Find Out How Dell Laptops Can Help Your Business, there was a number of points made as to benefit of having the laptop right there with you on site. The laptop models today offer the latest in technology, such as Wi-Fi which has the latest in wireless connectivity at home or your favorite coffee shop and mobile broadband offering the flexibility of connecting from almost anywhere in the world. It has become the tool of choice for the business person of today.

You are most interested in keeping up with appearances. It is true that the good impression has merit. If you look for the Dell website, there is a section devoted to find out how Dell laptop can help your business and this subject is addressed in depth. As professionals, we must make a statement in our physical appearance but also in our tools of the trade. The laptop says that you are up on technology and can market with the best. The physical appearance of the Dell laptop is available in colors of your choice and weighing from as little as a five pound bag of sugar.

It could that your budget does have very tight strings at the moment. Is your business just getting off the ground or perhaps it is home-based? There may be a limited space in which to work with little in the way of office space.

The laptop offers a tremendous facet…takes up little to no space. What a boost for those in small apartments or homes! You can still have the access to a 17″ screen weighing less than 9 pounds. Then consider the price…less than $700. It is truly a deal to beat all. When dealing with Dell, you know that you are getting a quality product to assist you in building your business.

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How To Buy The Best Furniture

How To Buy The Best Furniture

Buying furniture for your house can be expensive and stressful. There are so many things you need to consider and look at when you are shopping for furniture that it can take a while before you find the furniture that best fits you and your home.

First, you need to decide what your theme is for the room. Are you going for a contemporary look or a traditional look? Do you want a modern room or a more country room? Knowing this before you go looking at furniture will cut down on the time you spend searching. Most furniture stores now display their furniture by themes to make it easier for their customers to locate.

Another thing to do before you go looking for furniture is measure the space you have for it. The last thing you want to happen is to find a piece of furniture you fall in love with and then come home and measure your room only to find out the piece will not fit. It can be devastating if you had your heart set on that piece of furniture. Make sure you know the dimensions of your room. Another thing it to keep in mind is the doorways in your house. Bed and some tables are usually arrive in pieces and need to be assembled but couches come intact. You want to make sure the couch will fit not only in your room, but through your room also. If you live in a condo or townhome or are picking out furniture for a room on the second floor, keeping in mind the width of the furniture.

Next is think about the color. Are you looking for a specific color or a neutral color? Keep in mind though it might be better to go with neutral color furniture and a colored paint. This is because down the line if you decide you want to change the look of your room, it is much less expensive to repaint than it is to re purchase furniture. Of course you can always go for color and match your furniture with your paint. There is nothing wrong with that.

Find out if a piece of furniture you find is part of a set. Nowadays when looking for couches, bed and even kitchen tables you will find that each piece is usually part of a set. You can find a couch with the coffee tables and possible entertainment center that matches with it. When looking at a bedroom set, you will find it usually will come with a dresser, an armoire and nightstands. Often it is cheaper to buy the whole set rather than each piece separately. You might find yourself saving a little bit of money.

The thing to keep in mind about furniture is that it is not meant to be replaced year after year. Most people can get a good 10-15 years of use out of their furniture. You should make sure the furniture you pick is something you can see yourself still liking down the line. Do not make a hasty decision on something that will be yours for a long time.