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Running Tips – Wear Those Gloves For Winter Running

Are you one of the runners out there in colder weather that doesn’t wear gloves? I was out this morning and passed another runner. Now, it’s 26 degrees out and this guy wasn’t wear gloves! He made me cold just looking at him!

Gloves are something that runners need for their winter running. Let’s talk a little about it.

You can lose as much as 30% of your body heat through your hands. So, it’s important to keep them covered. On really cold days, gloves will also work to wick away moisture to keep your hands even warmer.

Also, when the temperature dips below 30 degrees, I’ll wear my Gore-Tex mittens. The combination of Gore-Tex and mittens will keep your hands and fingers nice and toasty even on the coldest day. However, and I have found this out through experience, if the temperature is over 30 degree and it’s sunny – stick with your regular running gloves. Your hands will actually be sweating if you wear your mittens.

How cold it is when you put on your gloves is actually a personal preference. I know that my hands are the first things that get cold on me. My fingertips will get cold and then I’m pretty miserable my whole run. So, I’m usually wearing gloves if the temperature is under 45. (Remember, I’m also running in the morning before the sun comes up – so I don’t have the extra warmth of the sun.).

Also, have different gloves for different temperatures. I have my Gore-Tex mittens for when it really cold, a nice compression pair that I wear during temperatures of probably 35 degrees – 45 degrees and a light-weight pair that I wear when it’s a little warmer – but still glove wearing weather.

Some of you may say that when it’s 45 degrees out, you have on shorts. There are many days (especially in the Spring and Fall) when I’ll have on gloves and shorts. Remember, we want to be comfortable during our runs. And that means comfortable for you – not for someone else.

And, I love the fact that gloves aren’t just black and blue. My lightweight pair are bright pink and I just found a pair of black with bright flowers. I have my eyes and them and will probably order them soon! Be fun with your choice of gloves – but make sure that they are moisture-wicking and will serve the purpose you need them for.

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Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Quilting

Originally developed to create clothing and blankets that offered warmth and protection, quilting has evolved over the generations as a much-respected art form with beautiful end results. Quilts often become family heirlooms, and those with a talent for quilting are typically heralded for their skill.

In fact, it is not unusual for quilts to be displayed and showcased on the walls of homes and businesses due to their remarkable colors and creative designs.

When you are just beginning to learn the art of quilting, it’s best to first master small projects. These may include table placemats, pillows, and small wall art. Basic blocks are recommended until you have mastered the stitch patterns, and once you have learned and feel comfortable creating these small projects, it is advisable to move on to full-size quilts and other larger creations.

Quilting Patterns

There are a number of quilting patterns that create different results in the final product and offer quilting abilities for all skill levels. For instance, winged square blocks are basic quilting patterns that are sewn in tall columns with triangles. You may choose two basic designs and alternate them for a simple design, or add multiple fabrics for a colorful and creative quilt.

Another very basic technique is the block quilt pattern, which is essentially allows triangle-shaped fabric blocks to be pieced together quickly and easily This pattern centers on nine patches and focuses on the middle of the quilt.

Another nine-patch quilt block pattern for quilting is the Carolina byways pattern. Using this design and technique, the quilter uses strips of fabric. This pattern for quilting is quite basic and easy to use, and is ideal for smaller quilts that do not require extensive surface area.

Although it is somewhat more challenging, star quilt patterns are extremely popular, and represent a classic design in quilting patterns. The blocks in this pattern create various star shapes, and the points usually meet together or point away from the center in identical designs.

Knowing Which Quilting Pattern to Use

Before you begin working on a quilting project, take the time to assess your skill level and to determine exactly what kind of result you want to end up with. This will save a lot of heartache in the long run so that you are not left frustrated with a pattern that is too difficult or not challenging enough. And after putting in the amount of time you inevitably will to create the quilt, it would be a shame to be disappointed with the design or pattern you selected for your project.

Beginners should focus on patterns for quilting that include basic blocks and simple stitches. Smaller projects are also a good place to start, so that in the event a mistake is made, a larger project will not be ruined. Starting basic will allow you to master the stitches and other skills necessary to successfully master the quilting process.

Then again, if you are a more advanced quilter, it is recommended that you select quilting patterns that are more challenging. If a pattern seems too basic, you may find yourself becoming bored with the project and lose interest before it is completed. You will also want to try to find patterns that allow for significant creativity and customization. There are few things more rewarding than starting with a basic pattern, then customizing it to become something that is entirely original and unique.

Colors in Quilting Patterns

When you need some help determining the best colors to use in your pattern for quilting, a color wheel is a fantastic tool to reference for some guidance. Not all colors go well together, and the color wheel will help you select good complementary colors for your quilting pattern. You’ll first want to consider what the quilt is being designed for.

Will it be used in a country-style bedroom as a bedspread, or will be carefully maintained as a family heirloom? Ask yourself these types of questions to get a better understanding of what colors and patterns for quilting you should utilize in your creation.

The color wheel is not designed to make creative decisions for you — as an artist and a crafter, those decisions are still up to you and are an important aspect of quilting. However, if you are in doubt and want some assistance to ensure that your quilting pattern will be well designed and color coordinated, the color wheel can be useful and helpful. Happy quilting!

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Super Green Foods Provide Nutrients Your Body Can Use

Are your vitamins really helping you stay healthy?

More people are suffering from undernourishment than ever before, even though they are actually eating more. The misconception that more food means better nutrition has given rise to a billion dollar supplement industry. The fact that nearly two thirds of Americans take some type of vitamin supplement regularly shows that people already know their diets are lacking in nutrition.

In order to get real nutrition you must eat fresh foods regularly and limit the number of highly processed ingredients you include. Many people still prepare the majority of their meals with prepackaged and processed ingredients. The nutritional value of these meals is substantially lower than one made form whole grains and fresh vegetables. Consequently more people take nutritional supplements to increase their nutrition.

Malnutrition is BIG money

How can you know you are getting good nutrition from your daily supplement? How can you tell if you are getting the nutrition form your supplements? Are you getting the nutrition from your supplements? The best nutritional supplements must be easily absorbed and readily available for your body to use. Whole foods supply other elements beside the synthesized nutrients in vitamin tablets. Whole food supplements have phytonutrients and trace minerals that compliment the absorption and digestion of nutrients. Super foods like Spirulina chlorella and other blue green algae pack a host of nutritional elements that are completely bio available and literally made for your body to use.

The very best nutritional supplements are complete foods in concentrated form otherwise known as super green foods. Your body can easily digest, absorb and utilize nutrients from these whole foods, while not even superman himself could absorb the slew of synthetic nutrients found in the majority of supplements on your pharmacy shelf.

Food that is cheap is not always nutritional, meaning plenty of food is not plenty of nutrition.

Real whole food is obviously better for you than processed food, however refined foods have become the staple for most diets. We have not changed our diet, as a species, in tens of thousands of years. However, only 75 to 100 years ago the way we grow and prepare food started to change on a massive scale. These changes happened in everything from the types of foods grown to the way they were processed, manufactured and prepared. Sugar and refined flours were added to almost everything.

Whole foods provide more nutrition in a way our bodies can use it. Refined foods typically have many of the nutrients you need taken out of them, leaving only a fraction of the nutrition available for your body. Super foods like spirulina, blueberries, green tea and cocoa are known for packing a lot of nutrition in a compact form. Whole food super green food give you more than just a simple vitamins, it provides a complete nutritional burst of energy.

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Indoor Area Rugs

Indoor area rugs can be a great idea for decorating your home. Many people have hardwood floors, but also want to have areas where they can put their feet down on something soft. Putting in carpeting can be expensive as well as time consuming. Indoor rugs can allow you to have the best of both worlds; the luxury of hardwood, but also the comfort of a carpet. One of the best things about these rugs is that if they get dirty, you can simply roll them up, take them outside and clean them, unlike carpet.

Indoor area rugs come in a variety of different styles, shapes and sizes, so you are sure to find the right indoor rugs for your needs. Some of these look just as good outside on a porch or patio as they do inside. You can find many rugs that are also well within your price range and budget. Some of these are as cheap as around twenty dollars, and even though the price is low, doesn’t always mean they are cheaply made.

There are many different styles of indoor area rugs. Some indoor rugs are long and narrow, which are ideal for hallways. There are large square or rectangular indoor rugs that can be used to help decorate a living, family or even a dining room. You can find round and oval styles, as well as many others. They can solid colors, have designs incorporated into them, and resemble real Persian rug designs, for a fraction of the cost.

With all the different types of indoor rugs to choose from, there are some things that you need to consider. One of them is where you are going to place your indoor rugs. For places where traffic is high, you may want to buy a rug that has a durable weave, one that is going to hold up to a lot of foot traffic. One the other hand, if you are looking for a rug that you are going to put in the living room, you may want to buy one that has a little more plush to it.

When it comes to buying indoor rugs, there are also other considerations. You want your indoor rugs to be stain resistant, have some kind of UV protection, and one that can be cleaned fairly easy. This way you don’t have to worry about your rug getting so dirty that it would just be better to replace it.

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A Look at Champagne

Traditionally, Champagne has always a way to celebrate milestones or toast the bride and groom on their marriage. Considered to be a flexible beverage, Champagne can be served with a meal or with dessert. For many years, this truly refreshing and exotic drink has been used as a way of celebration and just enjoying the times that lie ahead.

Champagne comes from the vineyards of the French region. If you get a bottle and notice Champagne imprinted on the label, you can rest assured that the bottle was produced in the vineyards of France. If you don’t get Champagne that was produced in the infamous French regions, you are pretty much just buying the standard sparkling wine. You should also make sure that the bottle is spelled ‘Champagne’, with a capital C. French manufacturers are very protective of this very name, and therefore are the only ones that are authorized to use it.

Champagne is made using three different types of grape – Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier, and Chardonnay. Noir and Meunier are types of black grapes, while the well known Chardonnay is a type of white grape. The label on the bottle will signify what type of Champagne you are buying, so you’ll know what flavor to expect. There are also types of this wine that are a blend of different grapes, providing quite an exquisite taste to say the least.

Much like sparkling wine, Champagne is very common with celebrations and such. Although it is actually considered to be a type of sparkling wine, Champagne is much better. You have to be careful where you buy it though, as a lot of manufacturers like to use cheaper grapes, which don’t taste the same. If you have ever tasted this wine before – you’ll know first hand what quality tastes like.

A lot of people prefer Champagne because of the bubbles that are known to spew forth once a bottle has been uncorked. The bubbles that spew from this wine are the result of tiny drops of liquid that are disturbed by the carbonic acid gas. Once the liquid is disturbed, the bubbles form and short out of the bottle. This is a natural reaction of the double fermentation process that can only be found with a bottle of Champagne.

The next time you have a celebration and need something to make the celebration a bit more interesting, you should grab a bottle of Champagne. Few things compliment a celebration like the bursting bubbles of a fine bottle. You can find quality Champagne at ABC stores or other stores that sell alcoholic beverages. Even though it may cost you a bit of money – when you pop the top you’ll be glad you bought it.

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3 Tips For Credit Card Debt Relief

Today, if bankruptcy seems the only possible solution to your massive credit card debt amount, you could think about trying credit card debt relief.

Now days, the exorbitant rates of interest and inordinate late payment fees of certain credit card companies can push their customers to the very brink of frustration. And due to a lack of awareness about debt consolidation services, which can prove to be very helpful, being offered by a number of genuine companies, a majority of people are being pushed into filing for bankruptcy in desperation.

Although a very common phenomenon now days, bankruptcy can have a long-term effect on your credit ratings and standings, and it will require a lot of time and effort on your part to remove this black stain from your record. But you need not put yourself through all this trouble at all! You can find a solution to your financial problems by utilizing one of the many options available at debt consolidation companies.

1: Browse the Net for an Authentic Company

The best way of finding a good credit card debt relief company is to browse the Internet for one. Searching online is extremely convenient as you don’t have to step out of the comfort of your home or office and you save a lot of time, money and energy in the process as well. And the best part is you even get better results.

All the prestigious debt relief companies have their own websites where you can check out their facility of a credit card debt calculator. Any good company’s website must have the feature of this calculator.

All you need to do is enter the basic details of your case (monthly income, gross monthly installment/ amount, etc.) wherever required and the calculator will show you the number of months that will be required for you to pay off your debt. If you have an idea of the interest offered by that company on the consolidation loan, you’ll even be able to find out the amount of money you could save.

2: Debt Counseling

You have to go through a counseling session with financial experts before you choose to go for any particular kind of credit card debt service. The experts will thoroughly examine your case and offer you expert advice on the best mode of getting credit card debt relief. You’ll see that the modest fee they might charge for such a service will be well worth it. There are also some companies which offer free counseling.

3: Methods of Debt Relief

The most popular methods of solving your financial worries and pending dues are loan consolidation, consumer credit counseling and debt settlement. Consolidation loans are generally secured in nature. That is, if you want to get a loan at advantageously low interest rates. There are a number of companies or sub prime lenders offering unsecured loans, but these usually carry high rates of interest.

However, it is better to use these loans rather than take no steps at all to curb your financial debt. For example, if you’re paying 20% interest on your credit card and you take a loan with 15% interest rate, even if it’s an unsecured loan, you get some relief from your overdue amount.

For best results and a successful financial life, use online credit card debt relief with the help of credit card debt services and escape the embarrassment of having to file for bankruptcy.

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How to Deal With Having a Stroke

Stroke causes brain damage. The extent of the injury depends on the type and the severity of the brain attack. In any case stroke recovery is hard for stroke victims and for their relatives and close friends.

If you are living with someone who suffered from stroke, you should be prepared for the recovery process. First of all speak to the doctor to learn what the damages are. Some mild strokes don’t leave severe damages and thus the recovery is not that difficult. Unfortunately in most of the cases the damages are serious and the recovery process is much longer. In some cases full recovery is not even possible.

Once you have spoken with the doctor you will be prepared for helping your dear one to recover from the brain attack. You will have to cope with his physical disabilities in some cases the stroke victim may be paralyzed or suffer vision disability or experience difficulties to speak. In the worst cases the stroke victim is unable to recognize familiar faces and is completely disorientated.

Being close to someone suffered from a stroke will make you face a lot more that the physical damage to his or hers body. Stroke survivors usually suffer from post-stroke psychological problems as well. Many stroke victims develop depressions, have anxiety attacks and find the adaptation to the after stroke life very difficult. Some have difficulties to express their emotions and other cannot express emotions at all.

You should arm yourself with a lot of patience and try to provide as much support as possible. The rehabilitation process will be long and if you decide to be part of it you better do it right. Do not stop believing that the person you love will recover and keep saying this to him. Stroke victims usually loose believe in life and need to be reassured that everything will be OK. In some occasions a stroke may lead to relationship problems so you better be prepared and react accordingly. Since you know what the reasons are you should skip the things that normally would piss you off. Seek help and appoint visits to a behavioral therapist to help your loved one recover quickly.

Remember that even after a stroke recovery your role is not over. A stroke victim should maintain a very healthy lifestyle in order to prevent future brain attacks. Keep an eye on him or her and make sure the rules set by the doctors are followed. Try to help by setting up healthier environment and if required by changing your own lifestyle.

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Overcoming Mental Barriers To Quit Smoking

If you have been smoking for most of your life, it could be a daunting challenge to quit smoking. Aside from the physical withdrawal symptoms, there’s a psychological addiction to the habit-forming drug.

If you’re setting out on a mission to quit smoking, make sure you implement a plan to attack your mental habit as well as face the withdrawal of nicotine physically from your body. Two powerful tools you can take to “war” with you are medicines and/or counseling, because smoking, after all, is a social vice, and also a habit based on motion – putting that cylindrical monster in your mouth and puffing it like so.

Medicine may help, but nothing beats counseling when it comes to beating this vice. You should use counseling as a way to deal with the physical after-effects as well as the mental ones, working together to eliminate nicotine from your mind and body.

One way to get counseling would be through the American Cancer Society Quitline. The people that would help you are trained professionals who specialize in helping people like you quit smoking.

A counselor can also help you avoid the temptations of returning to smoking after quitting for a short period of time. Phone counseling is safe and private, and most of all convenient – you can get it at your house, your friends or relatives’ houses, or anywhere you have a phone connection.

Friends and family would always be there to lend us a hand, but it may take more than that to get over the temptations of nicotine addiction. It’s especially helpful if there’s someone you know who has already quit smoking and will understand what you’re going through.

Joining a support group is another good way to get counseling and emotional assistance. These support groups work in the same way as Alcoholics Anonymous or other more well-known groups in giving you the help you need to kick the habit.

It doesn’t matter if you prefer a support group or prefer one-on-one counseling – the bottom line is that counseling helps big-time. Depending on the organization you join, you could get gentle urging or tough love to help you kick the vice. It would be preferable, though, to go with the “tough love” school of thought – intensity could lead to better results.

If you feel like your addiction is strong, then try to find a frequent meeting that lasts at least half an hour. Try to find those with experience to help you with you quit smoking. Don’t be fooled by quick-fix organizations out for your dough that don’t give a hoot whether you quit or not.

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Skin Cancer – Facts You Need to Know

While you have certainly heard of skin cancer, did you know that all three types of skin cancer are on the rise? This includes squamous cell carcinoma, basal cell carcinoma, and the most serious form of skin cancer – melanoma. The good news is that almost all forms of skin cancer are preventable by avoiding sun exposure or other forms for ultraviolet (UV) radiation. It is also true that early detection can result in successful treatment of even the most aggressive types of skin cancers.

So what exactly causes skin cancer?

Skin cancer is most likely to form on parts of your body that have the most exposure to sun. The most vulnerable areas include your face, lips, scalp, chest, neck, arms, hands and women’ s legs. You might be surprised to learn that skin cancer can also develop in areas of your body that are rarely (or never) exposed directly to sunlight. These areas include between your toes, under your toenails or fingernails, the palms of your hands, and the genital area.

The risk of skin cancer is not limited simply to people with light complexions. But when dark skinned people do develop melanoma, they are more likely to experience it in parts of the body not usually considered to be sun-exposed.

There is also no standard time table for skin cancer to develop. Depending on the type of cancer, a skin lesion can develop slowly over many years or appear very suddenly.

Warning signs of skin cancer are usually visual. For basal cell carcinoma, you may notice a waxy bump on your face, neck or ears, or a flat brown scar-like lesion on your back or chest. Squamous cell carcinoma usually appears as a firm red nodule, or a flat scaly lesion, on the face, neck, ear, hands or arms.

Melonoma, which is the most deadly form of skin cancer, can develop anywhere on the body – although it is found most frequently on the trunk, head or neck of men and the arms or legs of women. Melanoma can appear as a large brown spot with darker speckles, or a mole that suddenly changes color or size or bleeds. Melanoma can also appears as a small lesion with an irregular border and blue, red, black or white spots. Shiny, firm dome-shaped bumps can also be a warning sign of melanoma, as well as dark lesions on the soles of the feet, palms of the hands, or on the mucous linings of the nose, mouth, anus or vagina.

While not all changes in your skin are cancerous, it is best to have your doctor examine any changes that you notice. With early detection, most skin cancer can be treated. And with proper sun protection, most skin cancer can be avoided altogether.

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Common Ailments in Cats

Cat Allergies: Cats, like humans, can suffer from a wide range of allergies. The most common allergy among cats is flea allergy. As cats get older, their sensitivity to flea bites increases. Food allergies account for another 5-10% of cat allergies. Food allergies might manifest themselves as dermatitis and severe itching, or vomiting and diarrhea, but may take up to 10 years to show up.

Vomiting: Some cats vomit all the time, while others rarely do. One of the most common reasons for vomiting is hairballs. All cats benefit from regular brushing to help minimize shedding and ingestion of hair. To check to see if your cat has vomited as a result of hairballs, examine the vomit carefully for small grayish pellets or lumps, regardless of your cat’s hair color. Hairballs can occur even with shorthair cats. Another reason for vomiting might be that your cat is allergic to its food. Try switching to another brand with substantially different ingredients and no food colorings to see if that helps. Sometimes cats vomit when they have worms. Consult your vet for a worming appointment. Periodic throwing-up can also be a sign of an overactive thyroid or kidney infection. This is particularly common in older cats. Your vet can do a blood test to find out about either. You know your cat’s habits. If it vomits more than usual or in some way demonstrates a departure from its normal habits, take it to the vet. The main thing is to give it plenty of fluids so it does not become dehydrated.

Diarrhea: If your cat has persistent diarrhea, you can try changing its diet. You can try boiled rice, cottage cheese, bread, plain yogurt, boiled chicken, chicken broth or strained meat. Choose the ones your cat prefers. If symptoms continue for more than two days, take your cat to the vet with a stool sample. You should also call your vet immediately if your kitten is weak or listless, or refuses to take fluids.

Feline Urinary Syndrome: (FUS) Feline urinary syndrome, or FUS, is an inflammation, irritation, and/or obstruction of the lower urinary tract. The inability to pass urine can become a life and death situation if not treated quickly. FUS is far more common among male cats than females. Your cat might have FUS if it strains to urinate, has blood in the urine, makes frequent trips to the litter box with only small amounts voided, or forgets how to use the litterbox.

Diabetes: Diabetes occurs in cats who cannot properly regulate their blood sugar level. Symptoms may include excessive thirst and urination; loss of weight or obesity. Older cats are more likely to develop diabetes than younger ones. Diabetic cats should be kept indoors to prevent accidental feeding that could elevate its blood sugar.

Feline Immunodeficiency Virus: (FIV) Though this disease is related to HIV, it is NOT possible to contract AIDS from a cat with FIV. FIV is passed through open wounds such as cat bites, resulting in an impaired immune system. As there is currently no vaccine for this disease, FIV-positive cats should be kept inside and away from other cats.

Upper Respiratory Disease Upper respiratory disease will manifest itself in your cat by cold or flu-like symptoms, like a runny nose and sneezing combined with reddened, runny eyes.

Feline Herpes Virus: Don’t worry, you can’t get herpes from your cat! FHV affects only cats.

Chlamydia Psittaci: Chlamydia is a bacteria-like organism that inhabits the tissues around the eyes. The most common symptom is conjunctivitis, which is generally seen in one eye at first, then spreads to both eyes.