Are Hotel Safes Really Secure?

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    Royce E.

    So, I stayed in a hotel when I had a trip to New York this past week, and the hotel safe was broken, so I had to carry my valuables around with me. But, it got me thinking, would my stuff really be safe in the safe anyway? And I’m just not sure.

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    Well, it’s better than just having your stuff out in your suitcase, that’s for sure.

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    Hotels safes can’t be safe. If they were safe, then how would you ever be able to program it on your own? The hotel, and the hotel employees, have to have the ability to reset the safe, or else it could only ever be used once, correct?

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    That’s good logic. I hadn’t thought of that. But, I guess if they did reset it, you would know that someone hacked it because your code would no longer open it.

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    Well, you would know too since your stuff would be gone!

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    Right, that too.

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